12 Dez. Falsche Übersetzer

Kürzlich wurden wir durch ein Rundschreiben eines brasilianischen Übersetzungsbüros an Folgendes erinnert:

  1. Es gibt auf dem Übersetzungsmarkt unglaublich unprofessionelle Menschen.
  2. Es gibt ebenso unprofessionelle Übersetzungsbüros, die diesen Menschen Aufträge geben und sich dann über die Ergebnisse wundern (wenn sie diese denn beurteilen können).
    Und jetzt kommt‘s:
  3. Es gibt offenbar außerdem Menschen, die sich in Serie mit falschen Identitäten und Sprachkombinationen bei hunderten von Übersetzungsbüros weltweit bewerben!

Durch die Mail des besagten Büros aus Brasilien weiß ich nun, wie es kommt, dass sich bei uns täglich (!) 5-10 Übersetzer mit den unterschiedlichsten Sprachkombinationen – aber stets mit Gmail- oder Hotmail-Adressen und immer in mehr oder weniger lustigem Englisch – in blumigen Worten als geniale und ständig verfügbare Übersetzer anbieten, zum Beispiel so:

A quick and accurate job at reasonable rates
Hello ,,
I am a native-born Japanese and U.S. citizen and am bilingual in both Japanese and English, being a resident in the United States since 1993. I am intensively studious, comprehensively diligent, and accurate. Love to study and research extended subjects such as Classics, Social Thoughts, and other general subjects, etc… I am also interested in writing as a freelance writer.
Major Translations:
Japanese> English – Translates a Factory Plant’s documentations for importation of a camera tripod company.
English>Japanese – Translates a medical supply company’s blood kits license for government; license permitted.
English>Japanese – Translates the above company’s instructional specifications booklet for a blood analyzer equipment.
Japanese>English – Translates a small academic commentary (approx. 120 pages): Consideration of the future publication.

Professionalism level is not to high from me
I would like to present my application as a translator for any relevant.
English< > French , English< > German , French < > German . Translation jobs of yours.
During my translation career the last Twenty years, I have competency in translation at a variety of specialization areas including Technical Manuals, Medical , Medicine (general, vet , Dental) , Biology , Legal documents, Tourism (guides, menus).
Educational Material, Human Resources Literature, Surveys, Letters, Fliers, Birth Certificates and Other documents.
In case your institution is currently seeking English< > French , English< > German , French < > German translators for the above mentioned areas
I am sending this cover letter and the enclosed resume to introduce myself and my skills to you. I’d welcome being considered for the opening you have at Books in English , French and German , Unlimited.
Professionalism level is not to high from me, simply, because it is my target in life to satisfy your demand.
Monika Robert
Offenbar steckt eine Einzelperson in Israel hinter vielen, wenn nicht den meisten dieser Pamphlete. Aber lesen Sie selbst:

fraud in the translation industry

Hello to everyone
This is an information about a fraud in the translation industry
I was contacted (again) by the email below and your email was in the cc field, so I am answering everybody that was in copy in the email.
I would like to inform that these applications are part of a fraud. These applications are being made by a person who is sending fake CVs to agencies pretending he is a professional translators.
We identified several messages arriving from different languages pairs in a daily basis for more than 1 year now.
After tracking the IP and informing the police here in Brazil we found out that this is being done from Israel. Basically this person offer the service, when we hire the service either he disappear or delivers a ‚Google translation‘.
The lack of professionalism from this person has affected us in the past and now he added all his contacts in the CC field, so I I had to inform all of you about this. The Brazilian police is informing the international authorities already, but it is important that all of the agencies are aware of this situation.
If you have any question please let me know, I have enough information about this person to share with you. Before you hire the service from anyone sending CVs, be careful and try to make direct contact by phone before hiring them for any important service.
If you are from an agency in Israel, please drop us a line because you may be able to help us track down this person.
Thanks a lot for your time, if you have information about this fraud to share with us we will be glad to hear from you.

Kindest regards
www.linktranslation.com | Al. Santos 333/104, 01419-000 São Paulo, SP Brazil
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


Meine Bitte an Übersetzerkollegen und Kunden: Bitte verwenden Sie keine Freemailer wie gmail oder hotmail (wenigstens nicht für die Korrespondenz mit uns) – unser Spamfilter lässt diese Adressen nicht mehr durch…

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